Fairy Ring/ Cercle des Fées

This is my submission for Art-Action 2014, a great event happening in Paris next month. Artists donate a piece of artwork which will then be exhibited in Paris City Hall and auctioned off. All proceeds will go to a great cause, L'equipe de Rue Charonne, an organisation which helps homeless people in that area of Paris.
More details can be found on the Art-Action website!

Watercolour 11” x 11


A little birthday painting for Louise.

Space Girl

A little watercolour painting I did for the Daily Doodle topic, Space Girl. There are a few quicker daily doodles over on my tumblr, check em out!

Showreel 2014

Updated my showreel!


This is a painting for my good friend and moose lover, Karen Rohde Johansson.


A little Christmas present for Christina O' Donovan.

Watercolour 5" x 7"


A bunch of creative buddies did a little Kris Kindle Art Swap for Christmas this year. It was lots of fun to be involved. This was my painting for the talented Sophia Daly!


I did a lithography workshop last weekend which I really enjoyed. This is the end result... a bit shabby but I'm happy with it considering it's a first attempt! I've put some process photos on my shiny new tumblr page page if you want to check that out!

Forest King

This is my piece for the aforementioned Animation Art Show. Unfortunately I didn't get a proper scan of the painting before sending it to the framers in time for the submission deadline. Hopefully it will find a new home after the exhibition in a couple of weeks time.

The painting is watercolour and unframed measures 10" x 12".

Animation Art Show

The Animation Art Show is back again following the success of last years event!

Artwork will be exhibited and auctioned in The Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin. The pieces will be on show on the 2nd and 3rd of November with the auction taking place on the 3rd.

The show has something for everyone. It gives animation artists the chance to showcase their work and gives the public a chance to get a piece of art for a good price! Plus there will be a great atmosphere and the bidding is lots of fun! Not only this, 100% of the proceeds go to charity. This year we are supporting two very important Irish charities. The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation and the Laura Lynn Children's hospice. Both do great work and will really benefit from the support!

Submissions are open to all animation professionals, past and present and animation students. The deadline for submissions is the 19th of October so just under 3 weeks if you want to take part in this great event!!

For more information visit:


The Collector

I will update this when my scanner is up and running again but for now this blurry photo will have to do! I've been pretty busy lately with loads of things, mainly finishing one job and starting another, so apologies for the lack of posts!

This is another painting for the Boulder Blog. Mainly watercolour 7" x 10".

Holy moly...

....It's a crazy dude on a bike!

Unwelcome Visitor

I originally doodled this guy during a talk at Offset, possibly inspired by the amount of fellas there sporting magnificent facial hair.

Wine Enthusiast


Watercolour 5" x 4"

Little Guys

A bunch of little guys that tend to adorn most corners of my sketchbooks, diaries, shopping lists, schedules.....    Also a reliable warmer upper doodle when I'm not feeling too inspired.

Beech Trees

I've a bit of a thing for drawing trees of late. These ones reference some beautiful 200 year old beech trees I visited recently in County Antrim called 'The Dark Hedges'.

Marco Moonwalker

Here is a selection of my illustrations from Marco Moonwalker, the third book in the Marco series, which I completed earlier this year.


Great night last night at the Black Letters and Ballads folk session. This was a little painting I donated for a raffle to raise funds for The Joinery studio space where it's held.

Watercolour 6" x 4"

The Third Policeman

This image is inspired by one of my favourite books, The Third Policeman, by Flann O' Brien. The text is from a passage that was left out of the published novel, which was published posthumously. It's not particularly related to the image but a good taste of the books essence.

Watercolour and ink 8" x 11"

Alice in Wonderland

This was supposed to be my submission for the August theme of re-imagine a film poster over on the Boulder Art Blog. As always, I left it to the last minute and didn't get it in on time!

It is watercolour with a bit of photoshop. I included the silhouette version because I thought it would look interesting as a book cover or something similar.


Kids Taekwondo watercolour inspired by this and this (thanks Ciaran and Louise!)

I'm going to dedicate this one to Katie Taylor because she is amazing and the image is somewhat related! What a fantastic boxer and an incredible person! 

Monster in me drawers

A quick watercolour for the monthly theme 'Monster in my Closet' over on the Boulder Media Art Blog.

Tea in a Tree

A painted version of the aforementioned piece for the Boulder Media Art Blog.

Watercolour, 10" x 8".

Animation Art Show

This is my submission for the Animation Art Show, an art auction being held on Sunday, 29th July in aid of The Children's Sunshine Home & Laura Lynn House. It will be in the Science Gallery, Dublin.

Bianca, Estrela and Simon have put in a serious amount of work organizing the event so be sure to pop in and say hello if you're in or around Dublin.

It's a great opportunity to bag yourself some artwork while supporting a fantastic charity and fantastic Irish artists!

You can find out more info here and here.

Watercolour 7" x 5"

St. Kevin and the Lake Monster

A friend is organizing The Glendalough Midsummer Festival which happens in June. Part of the festival is a play about the story of St. Kevin and the Lake Monster so I did up this t-shirt and poster design for it. It was loads of fun but I didn't have a huge amount of time to spend on it unfortunately. There's loads going on at the festival so be sure to have a look if you're in the area!

You can read about Saint Kevin here.

How I see myself

Me, drinking tea, with a creature in a tree!

This was my submission for the monthly theme 'How I see Myself' over on the Boulder Media Art Blog. I don't have time to paint it at the moment but I'll hopefully get around to finishing it soon. Be sure to check out some of the great submissions on the blog.

Boulder Media Art Show

We had a little art show here in Boulder Media last week. Some of the very taleneted folks in the company brought in a piece of art which was then auctioned off within the company to raise funds in support of the Somaly Mam foundation.

I contributed this watercolour painting and a few older ones and was very happy to see them find a new home! Bianca and Estrela did an amazing job organizing the event!

The Somaly Mam Foundation is a nonprofit charity which is working to end human trafficking and help victims of sexual slavery. You can read more about this amazing organization here.

Marco Master of Disguise

The second book in the Marco series is available so here's a few of my illustrations from it. The story was written by Gerry Boland and published by The O' Brien Press.


Old drawing, newly painted. You can find this tree somewhere in Wicklow.