Fairy Ring/ Cercle des Fées

This is my submission for Art-Action 2014, a great event happening in Paris next month. Artists donate a piece of artwork which will then be exhibited in Paris City Hall and auctioned off. All proceeds will go to a great cause, L'equipe de Rue Charonne, an organisation which helps homeless people in that area of Paris.
More details can be found on the Art-Action website!

Watercolour 11” x 11


chris o'hara said...

So awesome

melle chocolatine said...

Hey !
(I'm sorry for my bad english)
It's a little time when i can't come visit your blog, but i just see your website, and i'm so enjoy to discover your new arts works. It's very good !
But, you stop paper cut's illustration ?

Áine said...

Hey! I never did paper cut illustration (not that I can remember!) But thanks for the kind words!